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We Want Your Business!

We are a metal working coolant and lubricant distributor for both DuBois Chemicals and Perkins Products and we want to earn your business and keep you as a customer. We strive to run a very lean, low-overhead, full-service company and pass the savings on to you.


~ Rapid Delivery & Reliable Service

~ On-Site & Local Storage Options

~ Free Samples & Guaranteed Satisfaction

~ Quality Dubois & Perkins Products


We will do whatever we can to help you solve problems. Comprehensive testing of the makeup of your coolant can answer questions that elude simple tests such as densitometer readings or pH tests. If more extensive testing is needed, we are happy to have samples analyzed by our lab to resolve more difficult problems. We look forward to serving your future needs. Call today! 785.273.1800.


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Rapid Delivery & Reliable Service

We understand the importance of your business having the product you need when you need it. You can count on us to have your product ready when you are.


On-Site & Local Storage Options

Some of our customers like the comfort of knowing that they have a pail, drum or tote of product sitting on their floor ready at a moments notice. We will work in your community to store locally, or on your premise so you will never have to wait for your next order. 


Free Samples & Guaranteed Satisfaction

Both Perkins and DuBois believe that if you give our products a try they will sell themselves. We will work with you to get appropriate coolants or lubricants in your shop, get your machines cleaned out and ready for a fresh charge of the last coolant you’ll ever need. We sell by the pail, drum, or tote depending on your needs.


Quality DuBois & Perkins Products

If you have shopped various coolants and lubricants, you know that there is a difference in quality and stability among products. Both Perkins (founded in 1983) and DuBois (founded in 1967) are no strangers to the coolant and lubricant business. They are aware of the demanding needs of the machining industry. You can count on both companies to provide quality ingredients and products that work well together.


DuBois Chemicals

DuBois has been producing quality metalworking fluids since 1967. The DuBois Lubricoolant® brand fluids have given way to our new Double-Cut brand. The Double-Cut product line offers the potential for improved performance and cost. DuBois works to stay on the cutting edge, providing leading technology and performance, while keeping the safety and the environment in mind.


Perkins Products

Perkins produces a complete line of lubricants, industrial oils and cleaners to assist in the top quality production of metals, metal parts and industrial components. Every product is designed, manufactured and quality-controlled by skilled personnel using the most advanced technological equipment available. See the Perkins General Line Sheet for more details.


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