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Perlube WL-68D Data Sheet

Way Lube

Perlube WL-68-D

is an outstanding, multipurpose lubricating and machine tool slideway oil. Perlube WL-68-D is a superior lubricating oil with excellent oxidation and corrosion protection as well as unsurpassed water separation characteristics. Perlube WL-68-D load carrying and staying properties make it an excellent way lubricant. 








Percut 317-20

Cutting Fluid

Perkut 317-20

is a high performance cutting fluid developed to meet the requirements of high speed Swiss type machining. Perkut 317-20 is safe for use on all metals and is particularly effective on difficult to machine metals such as high alloy steel, stainless steel and Inconel. Perkut 317-20 eliminates the problem of crossover contamination in screw machines while providing excellent non-corrosive, high anti-welding properties.





Metal Working Coolants


Perkins Perkool 694-AL Data Sheet

Synthetic Cooling

Perkins Perkool 694-AL

is an outstanding water miscible synthetic coolant developed for a wide range of cutting and grinding operations on various metals including brass, aluminum, all steels and many alloys. Perkool 694-AL was specifically developed, with its low pH to be gentle on non-ferrous metals.








Perkins Perkool 5440 Data Sheet

Semi-Synthetic Cooling

Perkins Perkool 5440

is the latest in a long line of outstanding semi-synthetic metalworking fluids from Perkins Products.

Perkool 5440 is a non-phenolic based coolant utilizing the newest and most advanced materials in the market today. A superior lubrication package has been incorporated into this product to handle even the toughest applications.

Perkool 5440 can be used to machine or grind any metal alloy and offers excellent corrosion resistance and stain inhibition. Perkool 5440 will produce stable dilutions in hard water.





 DuBois Pearl-Z 3452 Data Sheet

DuBois Pearl-Z 3452

is a premium medium oil content cutting and grinding fluid for ferrous and non- ferrous metals. It utilizes a proprietary new BACTERICIDE-FREE technology engineered to meet the varied performance demands of today’s machine shops. Pearl-Z 3452 is engineered to reduce misting and fluid carry-off, so use cost is minimized. More importantly, resources associated with maintaining dangerous bactericides are reduced dramatically. Pearl-Z 3452 can be used to machine or grind any alloy offering superior corrosion protection. Pearl-Z 3452 is safe at the recommended concentrations on all common material of construction including; steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass, and common rubbers and plastics when used as directed.

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