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Perlube WL-68D data sheetPerlube WL-68-D

One of our most popular products Perlube WL-68-D is an outstanding, multipurpose lubricating and machine tool slideway oil. Perlube WL-68-D is a superior lubricating oil with excellent oxidation and corrosion protection as well as unsurpassed water separation characteristics. Perlube WL-68-D load carrying and staying properties make it an excellent way lubricant. Contact us to learn more. 


Interchangeable Lubricants GuideIn addition below you will see a list of other Perkins and DuBois lubricants, hydraulic oils, spindle oils, way oils, and gear oils as well as a handy 2004 Interchangeable Lubricants Guide that lists many different manufacturers and their equivalent products.


2004 Interchangeable Lubricants Guide: 

PLANT ENGINEERING’S Interchangeable lubricants 

Joseph L. Foszcz, Senior Editor 

Plant Engineering Magazine


 Lubes Guide Excerpt

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