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LP METAL WORKING FLUIDS distributes your Dubois and Perkins coolants and lubricants. We want to earn your business and keep you as a customer. We strive to run a very lean, low-overhead, full-service company and pass the savings on to you. We look forward to serving your future needs. Use our contact form to answer a few questions and we will recommend the right product for your application. 


Dubois Chemicals Line CardDuBois Products

DuBois has been producing quality metalworking fluids since 1967. The DuBois Lubricoolant® brand fluids have given way to our new Double-Cut brand. DuBois is continually developing new products and/or processes along with continuous improvements to existing products and processes, while keeping the safety and the environment in mind. DuBois keeps an eye on industry and stays up with the latest developments in new raw materials, equipment, processes and environmental issues. This helps to keep all of us on the leading edge of technology. 

  • Double-Cut Amber and Polydraw Amber Straight Oils are straight, non-dilutable oil cutting and pressworking fluids that provide excellent lubricity and clean operations. DuBois has dual purpose screw machine oils that not only lubricate the work piece/tool interface but the gear box as well. DuBois also has vanishing oils for metal forming operations, honing fluids and specialty gundrilling oils.
  • Double-Cut Ivory and Polydraw Ivory Water-Soluble Oils are water-soluble oils designed for high lubricity applications in metal cutting or pressworking. Both extreme pressure types and non-E.P. types are offered. The ivory products are designed to provide long sump life and not be difficult to clean off after the metalworking operation.
  • Double-Cut Pearl Water-Soluble Semi-Synthetic Fluids contain some oil, typically 5%- 30% and may or may not contain E.P. ingredients. Designed specifically for machining and grinding, Double-Cut Pearl semi-synthetic fluids are workhorse products that perform on a variety of metals and jobs throughout the shop. They provide excellent sump life and reduce oil in the workplace.
  • Double-Cut Topaz and Polydraw Topaz Water-Soluble Synthetic Fluids contain no petroleum oils. They typically offer superior sump life versus other fluid types. They provide excellent lubricity and a clean work environment due to their no oil formulas. Double-Cut and Polydraw Topaz products are truly 21st century technology.
  • Roll Form Fluids are water-soluble synthetic tube and post forming fluids. Designed to lubricate the rollers and cutoff, it will also quench welded seams and provide in-process rust inhibition. Longer term rust inhibition for bundled tubing is available using one of our Double-Cut Onyx rust inhibitors. Typical applications include most types of grinding, milling, turning, chamfering and boring.
  • Double-Cut Onyx Rust Inhibitors provide rust protection for in process applications and/or storage applications. DuBois offers water-soluble oil types and solvent cut back types for short, medium and long term indoor protection. All DuBois rust inhibitors are easy to apply and also easily removed.
  • Double-Lube Lubricating Oils are manufactured from virgin base stock and formulated for premium performance at a very competitive cost. We offer hydraulic oils, way lubricants, spindle oils, gear oils and multi-purpose oils.

Perkins Products Line SheetPerkins Products

Perkins produces a complete line of lubricants, industrial oils and cleaners to assist in the top quality production of metals, metal parts and industrial components. Every product is designed, manufactured and quality controlled by skilled personnel using the most advanced technological equipment available.See the Perkins General Line Sheet for more details. 

  • PerKool - The Perkool line includes synthetics, semi- synthetics, soluble oils, micro-emulsions ideal for clean and efficient machining and grinding. Water-soluble metalworking fluids designed around the safety of the machine operator as well as cost effectiveness. All Perkools have excellent rust protection, superior bacterial inhibition and outstanding heat dissipation. 
  • PerKleen - Emulsions, Detergents, Alkalines, and Specialty cleaners for cleaning parts, machines, floors, and more. Cleaners for all uses, parts cleaning, machine cleaning, vehicle cleaning, and all your general purpose needs. 
  • PerKut - Straight oil fluids for a variety of machining operations on all metals. 
  • PerKote - Rust preventives and corrosion inhibitors designed exclusively for the protection of all metals. Perkotes are offered in oil, solvent and water formulations and provide a variety of film coatings.
  • PerDraw - Metalworking fluids for extreme pressure or special performance needs including drawing, forming, stamping, extruding, etc. These products combine the most advanced extreme pressure additives with high performance in tooling and finish.
  • Perlube - Lubricating products for industrial and commercial machinery and equipment.
  • PerChem - Special performance products including solvents, heat treating fluids, and special purpose products. 


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